[[t]dɪˈrɛkt, daɪ-[/t]] v. t.
1) to manage or guide by advice, instruction, etc
2) to regulate the course of; control
3) to administer; manage; supervise:
She directs the affairs of the estate[/ex]
4) to give authoritative instructions to; command; order or ordain:
I directed him to leave the room[/ex]
5) to serve as a director in the production or performance of (a musical work, play, motion picture, etc.)
6) to tell or show (a person) the way to a place; guide
7) to aim or send toward a place or object:
to direct one's aim[/ex]
8) to channel or focus toward a given result, object, or end (often fol. by to or toward):
She directed her energies toward the work[/ex]
9) to address (words, a speech, etc.) to a person or persons
10) to address (a letter, package, etc.) to an intended recipient
11) to act as a guide
12) to give commands or orders
13) to serve as the director of a play, film, orchestra, etc
14) proceeding in a straight line or by the shortest course; straight; not oblique:
a direct route[/ex]
15) proceeding in an unbroken line of descent
16) without intermediary agents, conditions, etc.; immediate:
direct contact[/ex]
17) straightforward; frank; candid
18) absolute; exact:
the direct opposite[/ex]
19) consisting exactly of the words orig. used:
direct quotation[/ex]
20) math. Math.
a) (of a proportion) containing terms of which an increase or decrease in one results in an increase or decrease in another
b) (of a function) being a function itself, in contrast to its inverse
21) gov of or by action of voters, which takes effect without any intervening agency
22) inevitable; consequential:
a direct result[/ex]
23) allocated for or arising from a particular known agency:
a direct cost[/ex]
24) elm of or pertaining to direct current
25) astron.
a) moving in an orbit in the same direction as the earth in its revolution around the sun
b) appearing to move on the celestial sphere in the direction of the natural order of the signs of the zodiac, from west to east
Compare retrograde 4)
26) tex (of dye colors) substantive
27) in a direct manner; directly; straight:
Answer me direct[/ex]
Etymology: 1325–75; ME (< AF) < L dīrēctus, dērēctus (the latter prob. the orig. form, later reanalyzed as dī- di- II), ptp. of dērigere to align, straighten, guide (dē- de-+-rigere, comb. form of regere to guide, rule) di•rect′a•ble, adj. di•rect′ness, n. syn: direct, order, command mean to issue instructions. direct suggests also giving explanations or advice; the emphasis is on steps necessary to accomplish a purpose: He directed me to organize the files. order connotes a more personal relationship and instructions that leave no room for refusal: She ordered him out of the class. command suggests greater formality and a more fixed authority: The officer commanded the troops to advance.

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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